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Making A Career Choice: Follow In Your Own Footsteps

APS Observer, May 2024: Follow In Your Own Footsteps

During a reception at a psychology convention, while surrounded by several academics, I asked, "Are you okay if PhD students say they are interested in nonacademic careers?"


They all nodded affirmatively and smiled politely, as people do at these events. A well-known psychologist from an Ivy League university spoke up enthusiastically, saying, "I think it's great. Not everyone wants to have a career in academia. Why not?"


I was surprised that he was that open to the idea. 


"But what about your students? Are you talking about your students or students in general?" I asked.


"Oh no! Not my students! They follow in my footsteps - they study with me to carry on impactful research. Absolutely not them."




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