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Losing, And Finding, A Home

After many years of building an intellectual "home" comprised of academicians in the behavioral sciences, I had to find a new home in the policy world of Washington, DC. I discuss the difficulties and joys in making this transition from one work world to another.

Reflections on Being a Woman - and Being Seen

As women age, we become invisible to others in the American culture and we attempt to change ourselves (usually cosmetically) in order to be noticed. I explore the idea that many people, even younger attractive women, also feel invisible in this culture. The essay concludes by offering ways to be visible that do not rely on physical attributes.

There's No Shame in Leaving

This essay discusses the excitement and the fears of leaving one profession for another, involving a move to an entirely new city and feeling as though this could have been a big mistake. Taking risks with one's career is not easy but with the right attitude and planning, it can be a very rewarding experience.

Lessons from the 'Real World'

Leaving academia was a big step. However, becoming acculturated to the 'real world' of work presents a new set of expectations and challenges to overcome. But once some initial stumbling blocks are out of the way, there are many exciting opportunities for growth and personal satisfaction.

Afraid To Fail? Reach Out

Making a major life change can be a daunting task with one's own fear of failure and the likelihood of disappointing family and friends. While advice is valuable from those close to us, this essay suggests reaching out to others who have no "skin in the game" for valuable, new perspectives.