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Snapshots of Life in the City

Macho Men at the Ballet

I am not a fan of the ballet but it was a pleasant day to venture out to the Kennedy Center. And the performance turned out to be amazing.
I felt like I was witnessing a painting come to life accompanied by perfectly orchestrated live music. The performance told a story without the benefit of words. And, actually, I had to fill in those words for myself.
Feeling energized and renewed, I decided that I would look into the schedule and come back sometime soon.
As I was leaving the theater, several men fell in step behind me who they were extremely loud.
"I am not into ballet at all! The dancing was nice I guess but I went to hear the orchestra!" One of them said in a booming, deep voice.
"Yes, I totally agree!"
"Absolutely.  I don't get the whole dance thing and the costumes at all. The orchestra was the only reason that I agreed to go!"
"Boy that orchestra really was worth the trip out here."
And on and on they went, reinforcing each other's similar comments as loudly as possible.
I was waiting for them to belch next, or beat their chests, or make other "manly" noises. Good grief.
I couldn't help but turn around and look at them.
I was surprised. They were attractive, well-dressed, well-groomed men, probably in their 30's, and otherwise seemingly pleasant. Just by appearances, they didn't match the kind of men I was expecting to see.


Were they so insecure about attending this ballet performance that they felt they had to announce to the world that their manhood was in tact? What a shame.  

But I didn't let them affect my experience. I'll be back.

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