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Snapshots of Life in the City

Suddenly, Swings

I was walking past Liberty Place and stopped dead in my tracks. There were several swing sets - I guess an adult version - all pink and shiny and new.
I say "adult" because also suspended was a table, with three seats to each side of the table, so that "swingers" could eat lunch or play chess and other games with each other. (Probably anyone who suffers motion sickness might avoid this seating option.)
I marveled at this – where did these swings come from? I walk by there several times a week and seemingly out of nowhere these appeared!


Was this an attempt by the city to show a fun, lighter side?  Was it a way to offer new seating while discouraging staying too long or even sleeping - because these were seats always in motion?
About a week after this siting, I noticed several sets of swings outside of the Building Museum, many blocks away. So it wasn't something unique to Liberty Place.
There is no sign, no indication of why these swing sets have appeared or who put them there.
Maybe they will be gone in winter. If so, perhaps they will be whimsically replaced by moving sleighs.

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