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Snapshots of Life in the City

Have You Seen The Book of Mormon?

Waiting for a train on the platform at Metro Center, I was approached by two young women who asked me where to catch the train to Foggy Bottom. I gestured and nodded. But instead of moving to that area, they stood looking at me.
"Do you live in DC?"
"We like this city so far. We are here on a mission from Utah."
"Are you Mormons, if I might ask?" I peered at them.
"Yes but we call it The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints."
"Oh – sorry.  Right." There was a pause.
Then I realized something. "You are talking to the wrong person – I am not interested in conversion."
"That's fine. We are just curious if you like living here."
"Very much." There was another pause. "In DC you can be what you want – all kinds of people are here with all kinds of views on life."
They nodded, staring at me. Then they asked how long I'd lived in the city and what I did for a living – all very polite.
"All I know about your religion I learned from that musical The Book of Mormon that was on Broadway. Is it basically accurate?"  I asked.
I knew I was likely pushing a limit.
"I have heard of it but I never saw it," one of them said and the other whispered agreement.  
"I recommend it. I never knew the Rochester story nor how the missionaries worked." They looked at each other as I continued on. "And oh, and have you seen Jesus Christ Superstar?"
"No but someone in the church recommended it to me," one of the young women said quickly.
"Really?" The other one said, looking at her colleague.  
"It was controversial in its day but it comes pretty close to the Christian story I'd say," I said. "Very clever - and it's still being produced on stage, going on 50 years now."
As I looked down the track to see if a train was coming, they sort of backed away to stand elsewhere on the platform but not before one of them gave me a card of a local temple. I smiled and waved to them as I left. They were whispering and did not wave back.
Usually I don't engage with people who approach me about religion but I guess I thought why not, I'd just say what I thought and see what would happen.
I would love to know what they were whispering about.

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