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Snapshots of Life in the City

Delays Both Ways: Person on Track

(picture taken from Wikipedia)
An above-ground metro stop in Maryland.

As I sat on a bench in DC waiting for a subway train, I saw a message appear on the display indicating this subway line was delayed in both directions due to an unauthorized person on the track.
I felt a wave of sadness. This is never good.
Did someone attempt suicide? Was some pushed onto the track or did they fall? How sad it was to contemplate what happened – what would cause a person to land on the frankly disgusting track of the subway system?
Then a pleasant female voice filled the air saying, in part:
"We apologize for the delay. There is an unauthorized person on the track. We appreciate your patience."
The voice was pretty clearly a recording.  I guess this happens enough that a button can be pushed and a recording can be sent throughout the affected stations.
I later learned that this incident happened at Southern Avenue Station in Maryland. It is an above ground station so I hope that the person was able to get to safety. The underground stations are far more constricting in terms of a person's chances of navigating back up to the safe platform from the track.
It is still concerning.
Since a person caused a delay, clearly they must have been on the track for a while, however they got there. Who was that person? And if my fears are merited, what was the reason for being on the track? I can't think of a good one.

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