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Snapshots of Life in the City

Veering From My Path

"Angels Unawares" statue on Catholic U campus in DC.

Over the years, I have walked a certain path when I'm on the Catholic University of America campus. It's a tree-intensive and beautiful campus, usually quiet and serene.
A few weeks ago, a friend and I were scheduled for a guided tour of the Basilica which is on the campus and I knew how to get there but as we walked up the hill from the metro stop, I could see "my" path was pulled apart by construction. It threw me off! There was no choice but to walk a different way.
This seeming annoyance turned into a gift.
As we navigated our way, we happened upon the "Angels Unawares" statue depicted above. (For multiple, and better, views of the statue, please use Google.) In short, coming upon this statue unexpectedly took my breath away.
The determination of the immigrants, people of limited means who had few belongings in tow, were headed to a new life together. They were young and old and male and female – and they were clearly united in their meaningful journey.
This experience was a good reminder to me, who has lived here quite a few years now, to intentionally veer from my normal walking patterns because who knows what exists just a block or two off-course?  I just might find myself again staring at another wonderful statue or site that impacts my day so palpably.

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